2014 tax checklist

2014 Tax checklist

2014 Checklist for taxes

To ensure that a complete tax return, all applicable items listed must be gathered. Not everyone is going to have all of what is included on the list, but you should have some of the items.


  1. Is your address the same as the prior year?

  2. Did your marital status change?

  3. Can you be claimed as a depended by another taxpayer?

  4. Did you incur moving costs because of job change?

  5. Did you start a new business in 2014? See bottom of page for deductible expenses.

  6. Did you purchase rental property during 2014? If yes, need income and expenses incurred for property.

  7. Did you make any large purchases in 2012 (buy a new car, RV, Boat, etc.)-You can take the sales tax?

  8. Did you make any estimated tax payments during 2012 or put any of your last years refund toward taxes?

  9. Did you buy or build a house in 2012? If yes, I will need your closing statement.

  10. Did you, your significant other, or a dependent become a full-time college student in 2010? You should have form 1098-T for qualifying tuition expenses.

  11. Did you give birth/adopt a child in 2012? If yes, I will need their social security number, birthdate, and if applicable, copies of all adoption expenses.

  12. Please let me know of any unique situations that happened in tax year. (Ex. Selling inherited property, sell a business).

  13. If you are a new client, I will need the amount of your New York State refund for 2011. I will already have it if you are a current client.

Due Dates for Business Entities

  • Sole Proprietor- April 15th (Schedule C of Schedule 1040)
  • S-Corporation- March 15th ($100 fee every year for New York State)
  • LLC (both single member and partnership)- April 15th, ($500 fee every year), Single Member LLC’s have a Schedule C like a sole proprietor

Sales Tax Return Due Dates

March 20th, June 20th, September 20th, and December 20th (every year)

Required 1040 Items for 2012 Tax Preparation

1. ______ Most Recent Tax return, if not done by me.

2. ______ Dependent(s) names, social security numbers, and birthdates

3. ______ All W2’s received from your employer

4. ______ All 1099-Misc forms

5. ______ Student loan statements

6. ______ All 1099-Interest statements for bank interest

7. ______ All 1098’s for mortgage interest have on house

8. ______ All 1099-G’s for unemployment compensation

9. ______ Form from government for state tax refunds from previous year

10. ______ All year-end investment statements

11. ______ Fees for 2011 tax return

12. ______ All medical expenses (prescription & doctor copays, medical insurance premiums, payment for medical that comes out of paycheck) if think qualify for deduction.

13. ______ Real Estate Taxes for 2012 (School (pay in September 2012), County & Town (pay in January 2012) and Village (in some cases)

14. ______ Charitable contributions (both cash and items donated)

15. ______ Any unreimbursed business expenses (dry cleaning, union dues, cell phone, uniforms for work (uniforms do not include professional suits/blouses/pants/etc.), membership dues for professional groups, exam fees (ex. CPA exam), etc.)

16. ______ All childcare expenses (must have person/place address and ID #)

17. ______ Statements for New York State Qualified 529 Plan and amounts contributed

18. ______ All expenses paid for adopting a child in 2012.

19. ______ Any contributions to a traditional IRA in 2012

20.  ______  Invoice for any large purchases (Car, RV, Boat) – Can take sales tax

Schedule C / General income & expense items Required for Business Tax Preparation(all may not apply)

_____ Revenue earned in 2012

_____ Cost of goods sold

Receipts for expenses

_______ Advertising

_______ Bank Service Charges

_______ Insurances for business

_______ Membership dues

_______ Professional fees (both legal, accounting, etc.)

_______ All interest paid on bank loans for business

_______ Office Expenses (ink for printer, printer paper, pens, pencils, etc.)

_______ Building and maintenance repairs

_______ Meals and entertainment for business

_______ Travel expenses (airfare, lodging, etc.)

_______ Tolls & Parking

_______ Utilities (timewarner, National Grid, telephone, cell phone)

_______ Postage and delivery

_______ Seminars

_______ Supplies used exclusively for business

_______ Credit card processing fees

_______ Continuing education

_______ All significant assets purchased in 2010 (office equipment, office furniture, filing cabinet, etc.)

_______ Either mileage or car expenses (fuel, repairs, etc.) – NOT both

_______ All payroll paid to employees/contractors

_______ Health insurance premiums (if not under spouses insurance)

_______ Rent

_______ Home office expense (need to know % office square footage to total house or apartment square footage)- need home utility bills, internet, repairs and maintenance, homeowners insurance, etc.

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