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May 2007 - Whether you sit behind a desk, counter or steering wheel, the workplace is an ever changing culture all its own. The Daily Dose gives you “My Best Advice” from and for people in all kinds of jobs and careers. Their words are intended to offer the best, business, work or career advice they have learned on the job.

Every time I go to a client I always try to look professional. Sometimes to go to some clients and the wonder why they’re not doing well and I think that maybe if they looked more professional, they might do more business. Say there was me and someone else who showed up in jeans and a t-shirt a client would be more apt to do business with me than them because they know I take pride in my appearance. Dressing professional especially helps me because I’m 27, but look like I’m 18. It helps how I come across in saying that I’ll do a good job for you.

Janet Reistrom, Accountant and owner of JR Financial Solutions

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